With A Little Shame EP

by What Did You Do

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released July 1, 2008

All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by City Pro Studios



all rights reserved


What Did You Do Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Sleep Talker
You've been talking in your sleep. It's like an open book is lying next to me, and each night I learn more about the person I thought I knew before.

Please excuse me if I look like a mess. It's been days since I've gotten any rest. And it's funny how when we aren't asleep you've got nothing to say to me.

Waking up is hard to do when you're lying next to me still. The reasons that you're still around don't make sense to me or you.

You've been walking in your sleep to the graveyard, right up to me.
Track Name: You Should Have Given College A Try
I can't help but imagine what it would be like if we had never met. I'm willing to bet my life would have been much more bearable. I can't think how I would've lasted this long without becoming upset. I guess the fact I can now show emotions toward us isn't terrible.

You've been through just as much as me but you aren't happy with your life. You stopped growing before you hit twenty-three. You should have given college a try. At least now you wouldn't be dying inside.

Do you think getting away will make you smarter? Make you more attractive, make your hair grow thicker, or let you hit the bottle harder? You're no Lemuel Gulliver to say the least. In fact this journey back to the place you were raised will make sure your excitement is deceased.

Keep complaining about how you're misunderstood. In all honesty I couldn't care less. I'd rather be drinking beers with Park Ranger Barkwood. So just go.

How do you keep it together?
Track Name: With A Little Shame
It's getting late and the jukebox thinks you should go. You get more honest when you've been drinking and you've wasted enough money on those soft innuendos. James Carrs "The Dark End of The Street," Steve Wariner "You Can Dream of Me". And it's times like this you second guess what the fuck you're doing in this mess, but you can't change.

This place is full of imperfection. Candle light for two. Each night you come home wearing a different cologne and he comes home thinking of you.

It's not enough to say it from your cell phone on the road. I love you just doesn't cut it when it's coming from you, anymore.

This place is full of contradiction, like the good friends that you choose. Those homes movies describe perfectly why your boyfriend has the blues.