I'll Never Know

by What Did You Do

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released July 30, 2011

All tracks recorded and Mixed by Childhood.



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What Did You Do Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: I'll Never Know You
I like the girls with the swan necks who know how to bite.
I like the girls with the backbones who put a fight, sometimes.
I like girls with red hair and eager green eyes,
but if you're black or you're blue I've been known to compromise.

I'll never know you.

I like the girls who wear dresses and still step on the cracks.
Dandelions behind their ears. Fingers crossed behind their backs.
I like the girls who will swallow...bullshit and kindness.
The girls who drink their coffee black and roll their tea without shyness.

You're sleeping on the bus
You're walking everywhere
You've got your hands inside your pockets
Your sweatshirts ripped and teared
There's a book under your arm and your hair is up
It looks like rain in any city but you don't give a fuck
You left your dog behind, she was safer there
but now her puppy's on your leash and he's starting to understand
You're always coming or going, it's tattooed on your hands.
You're a phantom in my mirror and you're gone by second glance.

I'll never know you.
Track Name: Rotten Teeth
You joined the navy and I stayed home, attending college to find out if I could compete in anything. Maybe that's what I should have done? Maybe I should succumb to the man?

You got a scholarship to play football in college up in Massachusetts. You got me drunk and loud and I did things I try to forget. Maybe that's what I should have been? Maybe I should give in to the fan?

We could put our fists down but where's the fun in that?

There comes a time in every mans life when he settles for something less. I'd rather be broke as hell while my teeth rot out with nothing to regret, nothing to confess.
Track Name: Piss Drunk
You say the winters aren't so bad as long as you've got your pipe and wrists. You think those tourists are pussies. You're on your second door to door job this week, this one's promising, you've heard there are a lot of trips to the city. And it's true that the view of the city from the train leaves no risk of getting the nothing you own picked off, but I heard you wanted to see some real shit. Why not walk?

You find yourself saying sorry when you drink the last drop of beer. Said you were just being nice, "real polite." But face to face with the kitchen stove you ask, "Are you looking at me?" You're pathetic even in between bites. I bet not once in your life have you leaned in for a first kiss. You aim for nothing but the porcelain because you're afraid of your own piss.

Isn't it strange how a name means nothing?
Isn't it strange how a name can mean nothing at all?
Track Name: Stark Raving Mad In A Digital Box
Stark raving mad in a digital box while the weather outside is getting colder. Wish I could pull my fingers from this wall socket and head to work, but the rush is making me bolder. It's a half baked continuity. If these imitation lives don't get through to me then why am I running wires into the forest? Went to bed feeling fine on Sunday, woke up on Monday spitting binary. It was all over my pillow and dried out on my lips.

I could never fall asleep in socks. Now I pass out in denim, even sober. My missed calls are adding up but outside the grid it's the same thing over and over. Someone needs a blood donation. You need help moving from the first to the second floor? I've got your Baudelaire and you'd appreciate it back? Over my rusting, electrified corpse.

People say it's wrong but it feels so right to sit at home alone at night.

It finally happened. The transition has been made. After taping my eyes and staring at the screen for a number of days I'm becoming who I always knew I could be. My hair has fallen out my eyes are now prepped for thermal seeking. I'm organ-less, bastard, robot machinery and I'm coming for you. And there's nothing you can do.

I used to want to get along with the intrusive daylight, but I found solace in the anonymous text fight. People say it's wrong but it feels so right to sit at home alone at night.
Track Name: Twentylenol
I had a dream that you were the same as me. You were indecisive about what you wanted and most nights you couldn't sleep.

Does it seem strange that I dream about you? Wish I could think of something new. The only time I get to rest my mind is completely askew.

Then I woke up and everything was fine. There was war and oil off the coast and reading for kicks was considered dying. Maybe you can't make decisions after all, but at least you can sleep at night.

A great man once said, "I'll sleep when I'm dead."